Crypto market is up’s and downs now a days but still many of us involved in this market. There are some websites which give us a opportunity to claim a free crypto every day, every 10 minutes for Max10 times a day.

Yes, It’s true. You can claim 10 Major…

Answers to your frequently asked questions

What is UK VAT on e-commerce (VOEC)?

Effective January 1, 2021, if you sell goods to UK customers who are not registered for UK VAT:

  • From inventory stored inside the UK and your primary place of business is outside of the UK: Amazon is required to collect and remit UK VAT irrespective of the shipment value.
  • From…

Radiation fears mount as the world gets ready to embrace the network-intensive 5G

Just a decade ago, 4G, the fourth generation wireless network, shook up the world speeding up data transfer and ensuring superior and uninterrupted mobile and internet connectivity. Now, the world is gearing up for 50 times faster…

You may be overestimating delivery time
…and that could be hurting your sales

Sellers on Amazon tend to overestimate by 53% the number of days shipping takes compared to how long it actually takes. …

Policy updates and reminders for US seller-fulfilled returns: Effective August 16, 2021

Starting August 16, 2021, as part of our Selling on Amazon policy, Amazon will automatically authorize US return requests that fall within Amazon’s return policy, including items where sellers filed requests to exempt SKUs from the Prepaid Return…

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